San Carlos Trip Song, Beach House Pictures

Ok first of all, every time you take a trip there has to be an Official Trip Song, an OTS if you will. There were many songs from this trip that would have made good choices. Songs that included Africa by Toto or Part of Your Word from The Little Mermaid. Actually, Part of Your Word would have been the clear winner…IF I had a video of us singing it, but I don’t. What I DO have is a video of us singing the official trip song.

I love how my sister comes out of nowhere to sing it with us.

Te Quiero Tanto (Mi Pequena Traviesa by OV7)
And now for the first part of the trip pictures. I present you our house in San Carlos. Last time I was there it wasn’t completed yet, but now everything is almost complete except the front of the house.
The view from the house? I could stare all day.

Beach House Entrance
The entrance of the house.

beach House Bar
Of course there is a bar….and of course there is a Cross of Jesus Christ next to the bar.

San Carlos House
The back of the house.

Beach House Backyard
Down the stairs you get the grill, shower and fire pit.

Beach House San Carlos
Full view of the back of the house.

Beach House PoolBeach House Avertisement
View of the pool next to us. These two (my mom and aunt) look like they could be used in travel brochures.

Beach House Ceiling
We have two parts of the house with this type of ceiling. I love it.

TV room Beach House
My grandma and sister enjoying the TV room.

Beach House Bunk Beds
Where us youngins slept. Does Andrea look hungover?

Beach House Bathroom
I love this bathroom because it has two showerheads so you have all this water rushing at you from different directions.

Beach House View
My sister and I enjoying the view.

Interior Beach House
I gained like 18 pounds on this trip btw. UGH.

  1. Mayeli Moreno said:

    Hi, my family & myself(all adults, no kids) are planning a last minute trip to San Carlos for the weekend of July 26-July 28. While searching for condos, houses, etc. I ran into these pictures of yours, this is an amazing house & seems ideal for our trip, please if you rent please reply to email ASAP, thank you & I appreciate if you helped us out

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