If I Could Punch Kayaks In The Face….

Kayak Victory  

A guy I was traveling with, Nick, decided it would be a good idea to rent some kayaks and head on over to Shark Bay on the island for some snorkel action. Nick and Marcus (his friend) and a double kayak, while I had a single. On the way, I was struggling immensely to catch up and had no idea why. I would find out later why ( and not it wasn’t because I am lame and weak).

Nick and Marcus
After what seemed like eternity (which was more like 1 hour) we stopped near a bay that Katherine and Greg were honeymooning at. Nick decided it would be smart to swim through some big rocks. Which resulted in bruising and a massive and disgusting cut on Nick’s leg. After heading into the bay for some first aid, we were back on the kayaks and on our way.

Again I struggled. My boat seemed to hate me. Every wave that hit me was like a rollercoaster and I kept thinking I would tip over. Which I did once.

After finally getting to shark bay and snorkeling with the sharks with a man bleeding to death (smart idea), we headed into shore.

We were exhausted and couldn’t comprehend kayaking the 7 kilometers back to our bay (7 kilometers is a lot when you don’t kayak ever). We decided to tie the kayaks together and get there before the sun set.

Fuck you Water Taxi
Nick also struggled immensley. Then he realized he was sinking. Turns out my kayak was filled with WATER.
So we had to go into shore again and drain out the kayak. If I could punch Kayaks in the face, I would have.

We did finally make it home.
It felt like my arms were on fire.
My leg was burnt beyond redness and into a Satan kiss color.
But it was one of the funniest days ever and I am glad I did it.
Pina Coladas and sunset watching also helped immensely.

  1. Ron said:

    You kayaked to Shark Bay?? That is like half the island!

  2. Gabe said:

    I. Know.

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