An Introduction To Cape Town

Like I mentioned before, Cape Town is an absolutely beautiful city. Perhaps one of the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life. The whole cape, the setting of Table Mountain, the architecture and the proximity to the water add to the majestic scenery.

We took a two hour car ride around the whole cape and was just wowed at every corner. No Joke.

The photo below is a picture from Tfaith’s balcony.

Table Mountain balcony view


When the wind picks up and brings clouds over Table Mountain is literally one of the most amazing things you can watch. I could stand there and watch this “tablecloth” being set on the mountain all day. Well, I would if I could, but I can’t for one reason.


The city is so windy I couldn’t believe it. Seriously, Ive been almost knocked on my ass twice at least.

One night, Tfaith left the balcony door open and it was like sleeping in the following:


Even so, the city of Cape Town is quite literally “happening”. So many great restaurants and bars. The shops are very hip and remind me of stylish boutiques in Seattle.

There is a downside though…and that is the crime.
Muggings. Everywhere.
I just heard about it at first. Tfaith’s stories, then stories from other people.
But then you actually see that its true.
For example, Tfaith and I were walking to the waterfront when a man stopped us for money.
He proceeded to tell us to just give him our money because he didn’t want to have to mug us.
How NICE of him!
Of course, he wasn’t going to do it since it was daylight and we were surrounded by people. But it goes to show the desperation these people have.
We also concluded Omid would have Shat his pants if he was with us.

Also, while Tfaith may live in the most hip place in Cape Town (near Long and Kloof street), there is ONE alley which already seems infamous.
We have named it Diagon Alley (from Harry Potter) because it is a magical place.
Things can appear out of nowhere, and disappear just as fast.
We do not walk alone down Diagon Alley at night.

Still. I have only been here a couple of nights and I could already see myself happily living here.

  1. Omid said:

    funny about me being mugged. but its probably true haha

  2. shane said:

    Though the ANC has failed us, black people still wont vote for the DA. Its the same reason turkeys dont vote for christmas.

    So stop whining and leave SA cos things aint gonna get better.

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