A Court Full Of Carnivals – Self Portrait

A Court Full Of Carnivals
I am staying at a hostel in Cape Town called Carnival Court. It is considered one of the top party hostels in the world, apparently. It has a plethora of interesting people from all over the world, but it also means that the noise NEVER stops.

This night there was such a huge fight going on next door that I actually got frightened. I really thought it was going to get violent. I put the lamp on the floor and decided to read away from the window in case anyone got on the roof to fight…

Which actually happened the night before.

I love traveling 🙂

Just got back from a three day camping trek. Pictures to come soon.

  1. jingwen said:

    I am glad that you are still alive.

  2. Micah said:

    Its always more fun to make brackets and put down money on the winners, get into the season my friend

  3. Omid said:

    gabe all that working out is good for something…..you can now run fast and far away from the fights which is what i am good at lol

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