Scary Little Capetonians

So Long Street in Cape Town is filled with these little kids that beg for money.
I would usually feel incredibly sorry for kids like these, but in reality..
I am terrified of the ones in Cape Town.
Tfaith put it in perspective for me.
An older mugger has some sense of morality. For example, if he is holding you up with a knife he will think twice about actually using it to hurt you. He thinks that if he stabs you, he might go to jail. And in Africa, you go to jail and you get raped. You get AIDS and then you die. End of story. So…these muggers generally won’t ever hurt you.
These little kids don’t have that thought process.
You don’t give them what you want…they will most likely stab you.
Tfaith had a friend stabbed in Durban.
And I heard lots of stories where this little kids actually have killed people.

Anywho….none of these little kids assaulted me or anything.
But I did JUST NOW catch one trying to reach into my bag and pull out something.
Scary little kid or not.

The following proceeded to happen:

*(In reality, I just caught him and he proceeded to run away giggling.)

Funny considering how I’ve seen this little brat almost everyday and will probably continue to see him until I leave.


  1. Marsha said:

    Only the best fight ever.

  2. Evan said:

    i love the techno music background, made me want to dance a little bit. By the way, REPTILE is cool cause he’s green.

  3. Evelia said:

    jajajaja I could only imagine….you’ve got some pretty sick kicks, gabe…poor fool who tries to mess with you

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