Conquering Table Mountain

Tabe Mountain Victory

It was the hardest hike I have ever done. EVER.
Usually tourists in Cape Town take the easy and well known route up Table Mountain, but Demon Tfaith decided to take us on a route that he had done before.
BUT, he had never done it on a day as hot and hungover.
It started off fine. I was even listening to good ol’ Michael Jackson while climbing.

We even ignored the signs:
Dangerous Ascent
We are fools.

First, we hit a rough patch because Tfaith’s Dad had trouble passing a certain pass. Fearing death.
Second, Tfaith’s Mom started getting intense heat stroke. The sun was on us the WHOLE time.
Soon we ran out of water and Mr. Faith started to get muscle cramps.
On the way down, MY legs started to go jelly. Every step, I saw that my legs were trembling.
When you are dehydrated and hiking in the sun of the Devil, you can really really feel how hungover you are.

When we finally got down (about 6 hours later) I really felt like collapsing.  The whole time I kept hearing the soundtrack from The Omen play over and over in my head.

The Powerade I drank afterwards was the most wonderful thing to ever grace my lips.

It really was the toughest hike ever. Even Tfaith will vouch for me. But I am super glad I did it. Next time though, I will just take the cable car up.

Then yesterday, a Dutch girl died falling down the mountain.


(As I type this, the Internet Cafe I am at is playing the soundtrack to The Exorcist. No Lie.)

  1. Steve said:

    I love Table Mountain. The views from up there are beyond incredible.

  2. Gabe said:

    Yes. I bet its even better when God is not blocking your view.

  3. You’re nuts! 🙂

    Following the death of the Dutch tourist, the manager of Table Mountain National Park reminded us that more people die on Table Mountain each year than on Everest.

    You have to take water, man, especially up Indiavenster on a warm day.

    That aside (and I’ve done much the same thing – those cramps are a bugger), I hope you continue to enjoy your time in Cape Town as much as I’ve enjoyed running across and reading your blog.

    And remember, those scary little kids aren’t confined to Long Street. I’d say “Look after yourself, Gabe”, but it seems you’re doing a good job so far; so I’ll just wish you all the best and hope you take good memories home with you.

    And return …

  4. Anna said:

    Hey! Awesome!

    I get the first picture for a work!

    Thanks 😀

    Nice job!


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