Children Who Form A Township

Stairway to Smiles

Unable To Play

Who Will Be The Entertainer?

South Sider

A Smile That Can Melt

"Glasses Will Make ME Smarter"

He Dreamt The World Visited Him

Wishing She Could Get A Piggy Back Ride

Looking On While Parents Work

I had the amazing experience of dancing with these kids. Playing outside with them. Having them sing to me. And telling me their dreams.

“I want to be a writer” (He took my glasses because all good writers wear glasses).

“I want to be a dancer.”

“I am going to be a famous actress.”

“I will be a popular soccer or rubgy player.”

Aspirations and dreams that any kid from any part of the world will have.

Then you learn that most of these children are HIV positive….and won’t get the treatment that will eventually help save their lives.

And your heart shatters.

Because while you are perhaps living your dream…

these kids will never have the chance to.

  1. Mark said:

    Good Job on making me bawl my eyes out at work.

  2. jingwen said:

    Ditto to Mark’s reply! 😦

  3. Yeya said:

    Good thing I don’t wear makeup everyday…..

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