Yup, in NYC!

It didn’t cost me that much to delay my flight from DC back home.
Evan was having his master’s concert recital and Evy was flying up to celebrate her birthday.
Perfect opportunity to go surprise her.
(it was successful. lots of screaming. more on that on another post)

It took me 33 hours to get here from Africa.
The plane ride from Johannesburg to Dakar was a good 22+ hours.
Have any of you ever traveled for that long?
If you have, you also know why I wanted to stand up and just run up and down the aisle of the plane screaming.

Plane Needs
Since the plane ride was so long I drank mucho of these. They are free. Thank god.

Once in DC, I had to take the Chinatown bus up to NYC. That was…..interesting.

Then I had lunch with Bono.


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