New York Surprise

NYC Public Library

Evan and I had set up all these scenarios on how I could surprise Evy when she arrived in NYC. Popping out from under the bed, running into them at a restaurant, scaring her at the apartment, etc.

We had decided to scare her at the apartment, but that was quickly changed when her flight was delayed a gajillion hours and had decided to go straight to the hotel instead of Evan’s loft (Btw…Evans apartment is ridiculous.)

Sooooo while Evan went to greet his mother and sister at the hotel, I stayed outside with my hoodie up waiting for them to exit. As soon as they did, they crossed the street and passed me.

I ran up behind Evy and hit her with my shoulder pretty hard.

The funny part was that SHE apologized to ME, after I probably gave her a shoulder bruise.

She looked at me…..stared for a bit….took a couple of seconds to register.

Then she just screamed and jumped for about ten minutes.


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