Recital, Drinky and Cava Wine Bar

Klavierhaus Piano
Started the night by going to Evan’s Master Concert Recital.
He played a song that was 35 minutes long.
And killed it.
Beethoven would have cried.
I actually cried because I had to sit for 35 minutes. Kidding. Kidding.

Flower Girls
After the recital and dinner (at Fancy Isabellas) we headed over to a wine bar that was kept open just for us. Everyone decided to wear flowers to celebrate.


Alexis and Evy Eat Cheese
Alexis and Evy stole someone’s cheese platter (not a joke).

Duke Friends
Made weird Duke Friend signs (later we found out Alexis actually put some cheese in her purse to eat it later)

Pokie, Evy and Walter
Pretending we were famous.

Gabe and Pokie
Not pretending we were drunk.

Cava Wine Bar
Cava Wine Bar. Best Wine Bar. Ever. The 3 ring shiraz there from Australia made love to my mouth. It also cost 3 bajillion per bottle.

Caldo De Queso
The next day Evy and I ate Caldo De Queso and slept the WHOLE day.
We felt worthless.
But it was worth it.

  1. Evelia said:

    love your pics! so i had someone take the one where we were apparently being “famous” i dont remember taking that picture. i ALSO don’t remember throwing out the Darkside diamond hand sign…good times good times.

  2. Evan said:

    Great Pics!! (especially the caldo de queso… yeah, I finished the rest of it a while ago)
    mannnnnn, I’m still recovering…
    BTW I would love to be in San Carlos right now, you still there???

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