Katherine and Greg Doing F*cked Up Sh*t in China

Katherine and Greg Skype

Look who I caught on Skype! Katherine and Grizzly Adams!

Getting effed up massages.

That involve wax, fire and apparently demon cups.



They will be back in Seattle in a week though! Crazy!

  1. Ed said:

    Those massages are actually really amazing.

  2. kmdingman said:

    you’re ridiculous. and i hate you.

  3. jingwen said:

    Ya, I hear those massages are really good. Man, just imagine if Justin did that….. “my back! my blisters!”

  4. Omid said:

    dingman’s look like hikies

  5. Evelia said:

    looks painful….i’m not quite convinced it’s relaxing

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