Convinced That A Ghost Is F*cking With Me

Poltergeist Lightpoltergeist

Two separate incidents that have creeped me out since I’ve been home.

1. Parents and sister were at a baseball game. I was out running and working on my fitness. I come home to complete darkness and being so exhausted I just lay on one of the couches to rest a bit. The phone rings and it is my sister telling me I need to get the shrimp out of the freezer to defrost them. I get up, go the freezer and get the fridge out and when I turn around I see my laptop, which was fully closed and off when I got home, is now fully open and on. I just stand in the kitchen and look around in confusion to see if anyone was around. Of course no one was, but still, creepy. This is not the one that really freaked me out though, the next incident did.

2. It is like 2 in the morning and everyone, but myself, is asleep. I am on the kitchen table editing some photos on my laptop and decide it is time for bed. I pick up my laptop and unplug it, holding it as if I was a waiter and the laptop is my food and I turn into the hallway to turn off the light and walk to my room. As I turn, I CLEARLY saw someone’s leg as they entered my room. So clearly in fact that I noticed it was light skin and smooth. So clearly that I call out for my mom, since my Dad does NOT have smooth legs and my mom sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night. No response. So, I call out for Cynthia even louder.
Now this time I am really confused, because in my mind I am positive I saw someone enter my room.
So I enter my room and look around. By this time, I am thinking MAYBE it was my Dad, trying to scare me or something.
I am so convinced that I saw someone enter, that I turn on the light to the connecting bathroom and bedroom.
I even look down the hallway again.
Now this one really did creep me out, because even now, I am positive I saw a leg, a human leg,  entering my bedroom.

It kinda reminded me of that scene in Signs with Mel Gibson in the cornfield.

Maybe if I stay here long enough, I will see the other leg next. Then the arm. Then the body. Then soon enough Ill see enough to be able to punch that ghost in the face.

  1. Mar said:

    No need to fear, it’s my ghost friend who wants to introduce himself to you. I’ve heard he’s been making his presence known more since I’ve been gone. He must really miss me. He needs a friend. Be nice to him. Oh, and when you see him, make sure to ask him where the treasure is. Tell him I’m a starving student and could really use the money.

  2. evelia said:

    aww hellz to the no.

    i totally believe there are ghosts in your house. those scary mariachi figures always scare me in the backyard…maybe it’s them

  3. jingwen said:

    I’m NEVER going to visit you again. I still remember all the stories your mom told me. I couldn’t sleep at all!

  4. dalis said:

    I’m with Evy. I knew those mariachis were up to no good. I’ll ask my nana to pray an entire rosary for you and that leg.

  5. Omid said:

    i hear swine flu makes you halucinate!

  6. Evan said:

    was the leg a little bit sexy?

  7. YEYA said:


  8. arase said:

    one vote for ghost…and I think i’m a pretty reasonable person when it comes to the paranormal and all that wacky stuff.

    i have a ghost in my house. i saw it when i was little and my cousins were sleeping over. we took turns staying up all night and it was my shift…a person stood in the doorway for a few seconds looking in then walked into my parents room. i asked my parents the next morning if they had come in the middle of the night to check on me and they said they hadn’t. my parents aren’t one to play tricks on their kids. to this day I believe there’s a ghost in the house. but it’s not really scary…sometimes things fly off my dresser impossibly. like the time a stack of hats got flung onto the floor when it was pushed all the way up against the wall.

    but i don’t really think about it much…it only becomes a problem when I’m beating off and I get self-conscious and wonder if the ghost is just watching me beat off. peeping tom ghost…i guess it’s not a big deal as long as i don’t see it watching me…or worse getting ghost sperm on me (would ghost sperm be tangible? or would it fly right through me?)

    anyway, shit that was long
    the end

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