Learning Photography Is Fun

FUCK OFF Collage

The black and white one turned out to be very popular on my Pro Flickr account.

I just realized how short the skirt was.


It was fun playing with my new flash. Although definitely have to get used to it.

I swear that thing went off and when it hit the backdrop all I saw was white for a couple of minutes.

  1. TFaith said:

    dibbs when legal. haha, i beat omid!

  2. El Dad said:

    Ni que Dibbs ni que la chingada!!!! she’s still my baby pinchis cabrones leperos

    • TFaith said:

      yeah, but only for two more years!

  3. Note to self….no more pics of little sister online.
    And Tfaith.. that is NOT YOUR WEBSITE!

  4. Omid said:

    que onda el dad. you evidentally are not the only “papi” amongst the blog commentors. hahah. i had to move on bc mar hasn’t been returning my phone calls 😦 the only way to get into the family now is through pinchi oliver

  5. jingwen said:

    wow…. how does Cynthia’s boyfriend feel in all of this? 🙂

  6. jingwen said:

    ACTUALLY how does Cynthia feel in all this? Probably grossed out by all the old men chasing after her short skirt…..

  7. If you assume that Tfaith and Omid are old…then you are saying that WE are old Deb. HOW DARE YOU

  8. jingwen said:

    They are older than us…… right? 0_0

  9. Mar said:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Perhaps you should post some pics of me in a miniskirt. I definitely would not mind the sexual comments and inuendo 🙂

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