Beam Me Up Scotty…..I SAID BEAM ME UP B*TCH!!

Yup. It was very good and entertaining.

Favorite character = Scotty.
Star Trek Characters

Watching it with a Star Trek Weenie =
Star Trek

I wonder if they will do another show with the success of this movie, and yes, I am sure it will be successful.

Will I watch the show based on the awesomeness that is the movie???

Hell no.

I am no weenie.

I think Spock says live long and prosper because he knows humans can’t live long.

What a puto.

Anyway…Go watch it. Seriously.

  1. jingwen said:

    What? Kirk is my favorite! He was funny. And Chris Pine is so hot….. I want his babies.

  2. Omid said:

    isn;t there a black dude who is blind? i like how zulu is harold who was also on house.

  3. jingwen said:

    Omid, that’s Star Trek the next generation. Not the first one. Geesh!

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