Deal With Satan Isn’t Working. I Am Now 25!!!


And do you ever feel the time slip by?
And I can say that I have.

Here we go.
I can’t believe I am 25 years old. I actually can’t believe that most of my friends are 25 years old as well.
I can’t believe that everyone’s liver is still functioning.

What is one thing that I can say now that I am 25 with absolute certainty?
I am blessed.

25 Awesome Memories and Reasons I Am Blessed:
1 – Attended the University of Washington (and having the best time ever. Skipping classes with Deborah, Living in Lander 2 and making irreplaceable friends, every single spring break, having friends visit, getting my first apartment, my first job, etc.)
2 – Having an awesome younger sister.
3 – I lived in Italy and spent weeks in Greece for the Olympic Games.
4 – Being evil with Katherine.
5 – I have traveled all over Mexico with my family (a favorite being Guanajuato).
6 – Traveled China with two great people and saw the Great Wall.
7 – Went on a world wide trip with stops in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Africa (this itself could take all 25).
8 – Jumbo Margaritas with Brian.
9 – Was given my first car (Hyundai Accent Baby!)
10 – Parent’s constructed the beach house (a favorite place)
11- Survived a night out in Hong Kong.
12 – First time I met Deborah and a stuffed bee
13 – Living with Omid, Tfaith and Aaron (epic).
14 – Dim Sum with Joe Hsu on Sundays.
15 – Mike moving to Seattle (so much debauchery).
16 – Briana spending a summer in Seattle
17 – New York Epicness (Spring Break, Evan’s recitals and Graduations, Evy’s birthday)
18 – San Francisco with Briana, Dalina, Greg, Evan, Evy and Walito.
19 – Disneyland with Andrea, Katherine, Niamh, Greg, Evy, Deborah and Justin.
20 – Actually any trip with Andrea (Seattle, New York City, San Francisco, San Carlos, Los Angeles)
21 – Road trip with Omid and Klang from Arizona to Washington.
22 – The Little Red Schoolhouse (I would have never had Briana and Dalina become sisters from another mother).
23 – Hanging out with orphans in Cambodia and Africa.
24 – Having Evy in my life
25 – My parents

Stupid list. It could go on forever. I don’t know why I started it. Anywho……

It is weird because even though I am blessed with so much, I feel like I am nowhere near achieving my full potential. (I also can’t believe I spelled achieving right on the first try because that NEVER happens. It is just one of those words.)

It seems like everyone right now is getting promoted, getting better jobs, going to graduate school, becoming doctors or lawyers, moving to new places, traveling the world, buying property, having babies, getting married, hunting balugas in Alaska, moving on to bigger and better things, etc. A lot of people are getting that itch to go on and try something new; and, I am no different.

It seems like it is a time for transition. I really have nothing to lose. The past years have been wonderful. The friends that have come into my life are beyond what I can describe. Seattle has been an amazing place to spend my young adulthood.

Just sit back and hold on but hold on tight.
Prepare for the best and the fastest ride.

But my heart is telling me it is time for a change and a new chapter in my life.

I know I have been talking about this and thinking about it before, but after much deliberation with myself I have made it official.

I am leaving Seattle.

Crazy Sauce! Scary Sauce!

Where am I going you ask? Well THAT is still in debate.
But I am almost positive it is the following city –


Take a guess.

Here I Go.

So hear this please.
And watch as your heart speeds up endlessly.
And look for the stars as the sun goes down.
Each breath that you take has a thunderous sound.
Everything, everything’s magic.

  1. Micah said:

    Eff. I’m about to lose the last mexican in my daily life.

  2. Omid said:

    genius post. i made it more suspensful when i didn’t scroll down to early to see that foto. unfortunatley that pic looks nothing like anybody has imagined for houston. 😦

  3. d-to the-ing said:

    wow-wawewa! I was number four on your list. That makes me better than 21 other things. well except your parents, they are probably better.

    oh and you’re moving…wow-wawewa times 2!

  4. Niamh said:

    WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!!! We are going to have sooo much fun!! You will love it here (except for the bitter cold in SF in the Summer!)

  5. Mar said:

    Woooohoooo!!! Welcome to the City by the Bay! I’m sooooo glad, no wait…. I’m uber exstatic that you’ve decided to move here!!! I can’t wait!!!! Wow…. yay!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mar said:

    Oh, and Happy Birfday, again!

  7. jingwen said:

    I’m sad that there wasn’t a “having Deborah in your life” list

    Also, you think that you are moving away from me but I will be there every weekend. Who cares about money…… or spending time with Justin/Colleen….. :-p

  8. Omid said:

    deborah he didn’t want to make a list of the top 85 things in his life now….common hahaha.

  9. TFaith said:

    having a hot sister should be top 10 at least

  10. Evelia said:

    you always make me cry! what is wrong with you!?

    oh and btw, i saw the pic and thought, “he’s moving to New York? Yeay!”

    que tontolona…

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