25. And Fat.

In the past couple of years, my birthday has mostly evolved around me not remembering it.
This year it was a little different.
Oh don’t worry, The Feast of Gabriel will continue the rest of this week in cities across the US.
But the day of my actual birthday was just me getting fat.
Having a Mexican grandmother and mom has its perks. SO. Delicious.
My Grandma’s handmade tortillas should really win awards.
Although right now I feel so fat that I can barely move.
Also, Suck it Tfaith. Look what I can eat and you can’t.







Red Velvet

  1. Kendra said:

    I will roadtrip to your home if I can eat just ONE of the dishes pictured above!! OMG.
    I like my food like I like my men… HOT AND SPICY.

  2. Mar said:

    Ahhhhhhh…. my mouth is watering! Thanks a lot!

  3. TFaith said:

    Holy crap those are the hottest pictures I have ever seen! I don’t know whether to go eat a burrito or play with myself…perhaps both.

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