Briana Graduates!!

Didn’t have time to post pictures from Briana’s graduation since I left the next day to Atlanta.
But here they are.
Congrats Bri!!! Proud of Ya!

Briana is somewhere in here.

We made our presence known.

I was in charge of the sign this time. I did a good job I feel.

Bottle service is really the only way to party afterwards right?

Excited for the vodka (it hurt later).

Such an evil face.

Actually, we were all struggling to stand up straight. Except Andrea. she didn’t drink.
She disgusts me.
She had to “drive” or something like that.

Its really hard to be this cool.

Briana would later wake up to regret these many drinks.

How the night ended.
Good times.

We ate at the Taco Shop of course.
Which was NOT a good idea.
I really thought I was going to vomit at the airport.

Flying drunk/hungover is not a good idea.

1 comment
  1. dalis said:

    Oh, I see how it is… no shout outs to the hungover sister that took you to the airport at 6 a.m.

    That’s cool. I won’t cry.

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