Operation Manola

Dona Manola - Portrait of a Dog
Manola, my doggie, is old. She is about 15 years old and can no longer knock me down.
She had a huge gash on her leg that needed some treatment.
Problem was that the vet said if she put her under, there was a chance she might not wake up again.
Fuck that.
We took actions into our own hands.

Dad called “Doc” who is pretty much our personal doctor to come and help stitch her up.
We had to hold her down.
She was crying in pain while administering the local anesthetic.
I almost cried myself.
No joke.

Yuck Foo
Poor Girl.

Not a Happy Dog
She was not a happy camper.

But…it worked. She is healing.
She can semi run again.
And I can hug her forever.

We have two other dogs, but they are small, annoying and evil.

  1. Kevin said:

    Wow…that last picture makes me want to hug every dog in the whole world.


  2. Mar said:

    I love how Manola just showed up at the house one day (with like 7 other dogs including the german shepherds from Hell). We managed to chase all of them out except for her. As much as we tried, she wouldn’t leave… she was chillin and hanging out by the pool. We fed her, played with her and then called your parents (who were out of town) and begged to keep her. Manola is the BEST doggie in the world! I miss her!

  3. jingwen said:

    awww…. I remember Manola. My hand was always black after I pet her……..

    I’m glad that she is healing.

  4. Omid said:

    all i remember is getting out of your xterra and accidentally stepping on her tail and i thought she was going to bite me. hahha

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