Whadeva You Like We Doooo Fo Yuuu

One afternoon in Tucson, Briana, Evan and I were driving around trying to figure out what to do for the rest of the afternoon while we waited for Evy to suck up to her boss. Evan and I decided that we would let Briana choose what to do next.
Twenty minutes later we were all getting pedicures.

Nail Salon
Pedicure feet
The woman that I had seemed nice, but she had a disgusted look on her face the whole time.
Which, at the time, made me feel like my feet were the most vile things on earth.
Turns out her face is just like that all the time.

Being there though, totally reminded me of a clip I once saw.
Seeing it again, I learned that everything Anjelah Johnson says is TRUE.
So hilarious.


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