Smooth Criminal

Darkness Falls across the land.
Michael Jackson
Little kid toucher or not. So. Sad.

Micah asked if it really matters, since he wasn’t making new music.
Um, yes it matters. I don’t have a pillow with Michael Jackson’s face on it (like some fans on the news)
But Come on.. He was an ICON

Thats like saying…does it matter if Mother Teresea died? I mean she wasn’t helping anyone anymore.

Um, did I just compare MJ to MT?

Anywho, I bet we would have half the artists I enjoy right now if it were not for his influence.

Also, Man in the Mirror is one of my top five favorite songs of all time.
His History Compilation was probably one, if not the first, CD I ever owned.

I am going to go bleach my skin and put on a Peter Pan outfit in tribute now.


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