[54-365] It Will All BE OK
(PSSSST. If you click on the picture you can see others I took)
Evy inspired the pic 😛

Things are starting to get stressful.
I definitely need to get the ball rolling on getting rid of my stuff.
Although I am still trying to decide if it is better to rent a trailer and at least take my couch and table down to SF.
Since Mar and I won’t have any furniture.

Also, I am not the one looking for an apartment, but the fact that Mar is stressing out about it kinda makes me a little stressed for her. A little though (SUCKER)

I gotta update the resume.

I might have been screwed out of a trip to Puerto Vallarta.

My PC is officially dead to me

and like most of my friends, I gotta figure out MY LIFE……

and Hiroshis down the street stopped making my favorite curry. STUPID BASTARDS!

Still though. I know in the end.
It will all BE OK.

(its going to be a weekend full of drinks Ill tell you that much)

  1. Micah said:

    My truck will carry all the shit you have that you don’t want to the dump.

    And through my work, I have access to 2 months of free resume help and placement help. I shall have them fix your resume.

    We’ll get ya taken care of.

  2. Mar said:

    If we’re going to be eating rice and beans for the next year, we should at least have something comfortable to sit and dine on. I think trailer rentals are relatively affordable these days, no?

  3. dalis said:

    On the bright side, you’re one half of a super-cool, uber-elite gang… And I’m always here to help if you need anything at all. Screw Vallarta, come to Vegas!

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