ITS BRIANA!!!!!!!! I love SKype.


Sorry for the recent lack of posts.

My internet is currently posessed by a demon and my camera broke, so I really don’t have any pictures to scare you with.

If I did have my camera, it would mostly be pictures of be eating and drinking. Yum.

My family decided to go ride rollercoasters on the one weekend I am unable to travel.

How fair is that, the last time I rode a rollercoaster was in CHINA. I am going through withdrawals.

Packing is a bitch. Well, I should actually START packing.

But we still don’t have an apartment in SF. I might have to stay in Seattle an extra couple of weeks.

Which tells me I just have to get rid of everything.

Maybe I should pray for it all to come together.


Dear Lord,

Stay the hell out of my way.




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