Japantown and Sushi Boats

Mar had never been to a Sushi boat place before. (you know where they put the sushi on boats and it goes around getting older and older until you decide you want to die of food poisoning and eat it.)
Kidding. This place wasn’t like that.
I actually noticed them taking away sushi that hadn’t been picked up.
Thats good.
Because it was delicious.

We ate a lot.
Because we are fattys.

I LOVE Japantown.

  1. Kendra said:

    reminds me of Blue C— except Blue C’s sushi kinda sucked (probably because they left it on the conveyor for too long and the fish had decayed by the time I put it in my mouth)

    Good thing I’m eating sushi tonight.

  2. Cynthia said:

    i.want.sushi 😦

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