A Ride On The F Train

F Train To Castro
Ah the F train.
I can see myself taking this train many many times.
My bus stops right in front of the train and the train goes right downtown to all the action.

Although Katrina was right when she said
“San Francisco needs two lanes. One for all the tourists and the other for us that need to get shit done. Get out of my way!”

Holy Shit. I Live In SF
I met with a temp agency, hoping I can get some work here and there for some supplemental income.
I started walking around after the meeting.

I always told my cousin, Eddie, that as much as I love NYC I don’t think I could handle living there for very long.
Its so just overwhelming.
I would go crazy just trying to pick a place to eat.
I am thinking the same thing is going to start happening in SF very soon.

Its slowly dawning on me just how huge the bay area is.

And then a homeless woman came up to me and did THIS

The homeless in this city are a whole other story……

  1. jingwen said:

    So we’ll be seeing you back in Seattle soon then? 🙂

  2. Evelia said:


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