Chinese Dim Sum and Japanese Tea Gardens

Andrea and I drove to the Inner Sunset area because she found some Korean ninjas who said they were able to fix her phone. Before we went we hit up a Chinese market where they had DIM SUM TO GO. Yes, to go. So amazingly delicious I couldn’t comprehend it. We filled our plates and it only costs like six dollars. I almost french kissed the lady.

So damn effing good soy is what is should be called. Seriously, where can I buy packs and packs of this? Does Chinatown have a Costco?

Andrea made an appointment to see the Korean Phone fixer, but like at 1 pm. So while we waited we headed over to Golden Gate Park. When we saw the museum we both instantly thought of the theme song from Jurassic Park. God loves us so much we were just waiting for that Dilophosaurus to come out and spit on us.

Andrea and I then took over the Japanese Tea Gardens with moves that would scare ninjas.

Except when we had to cross impossibly steep bridges.

And then we went shopping downtown.

Busy Day!! Ill post more pictures of the Tea Garden Later.


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