I Hope All Dogs Go To Heaven

I was feeling kinda mopey today, so I figured it was time to get out of the apartment and do something productive at least. After a nice three mile run, I came home, showered and decided to drive to the mall to find my Halloween costume.

So I got in my car, turned it on, and instantly dealt with the following driving there:

Got to the mall and decided what I wanted to buy for O’Hallow’s Eve.
So I went to Hot Topic and was helped by the following person:
Scary as he was, the guy was really nice.

Then driving home
I hit and killed a dog.
No Joke.

Total accident, but the feeling of running over a dog is HORRIBLE as many of my friends and family know. It was a total accident, and the dog had no collar. A nice neighbor saw everything and even admitted it was the dogs fault. He said he would call the authorities and report the dog had been killed. Guh.

So now everytime I sleep I will only see this:

  1. You killed a golden retriever puppy?! Say it ain’t so! That’s like throwing acid on a saint.

  2. jingwen said:

    I”m so sorry….. that sucks…. 😦

  3. Colleen said:

    Sorry about the puppy… but what? asian female driver video…? no…

  4. Tfaith said:

    After riding along with you that one time in AZ, I’m only surprised that this doesn’t happen on a daily basis. Who’s the asian driver now??

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