The San Francisco Thread Show

Yesterday, Mar and I went to the San Francisco Thread Show where we spent too much money. The show, held at the Fort Mason Center, was mostly local artists (although I did meet some people from Miami and Las Vegas) who showcase their work and sell it for way cheaper than it usually is. LOVED IT. I bought some awesome shirts (ying, yang POW), some cool jewelry for my sister and myself, and an awesome bowl made out of an old record. One of my favorites that I got were these wearable magnets from UNO. I love them. You can be so creative with them. I really wanted this jacket that I saw, but couldn’t justify spending that much for a jacket, especially since I don’t have any money. The fashion show was pretty interesting, as it had a live singer while the models walked down the runway, which I thought was a good touch.

I also had a huge Hoagie with meatballs and a cocktail because I am obese. But both were Oh so delicious.

Overall, it was a great time and all the designers and sellers were super friendly. Ill definitely go back next year. Enjoy some pictures after the link.










  1. Evelia said:

    that’s so awesome! yo quiero ir!

  2. jingwen45 said:

    why didn’t you buy me something?!

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