PHAME Photoshoot in San Francisco

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Last Sunday I had the pleasure to work with Chris, who is also known as “Phame” by many. I could go on talking about him and his music, but I can let you decide what you think about it on your own. I want to talk about how fun the shoot was. I gotta say, I was extremely nervous, but I always get nervous before I have a photoshoot. I always think something will go wrong or they will be extremely unhappy with the pictures. I am sure I am not the only photographer that feels this way. Anywho, it couldn’t have gone better. He had great ideas, knew what he was doing, had a great stylist, awesome props and a fun entourage.

We even took the big bikes they brought inside the Palace of the Fine Arts, which I am sure is not allowed. We also were shooting when a big tour bus of Asians came by. Thinking he was someone famous, it got troublesome when they ALL wanted to take a picture and some started to climb on the bikes without permission to take pictures. They must not realize that here in the states we are allowed to bitch slap.

Some wedding photographers even asked if they could use the bikes as props for a mini engagement shoot they were having.

We also went to the Fort and a Law office for some more great pictures. I took over 800. While I would love to post all of them, I only picked five to show. But, thanks to baby Jesus, he was extremely happy with the pictures. So was I. I did post a gallery on my website though and you can see more there.

Tomorrow I go home for Thanksgiving. With lots of fun Photoshoots planned.

Family, Food, Friends and Photos. I am excited. Since it might be my last Thanksgiving at our house this year.

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  1. Tfaith said:

    I believed this story until you got to the part about Asians taking pictures like crazy… one might even say like a bunch of Japanese tourists. Yeah right, dude. Whatever.

  2. Marcus said:

    We had a blast at the shoot, thanks again man, what a trooper and without any sleep hehe. And yeah the asian bus haha today we were laughing about that again with Chris during thanksgiving dinner.
    I’m totally reccomending you to all friends if they need pics.

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