Muir Beach Wedding: Tristan + Aubyn

“It just couldn’t have been a more perfect day,” the Bride’s mother exhaled. A truer statement could not have been made that day. I was standing on top of high cliffs, overlooking Muir Beach, sweating through my shirt because I was so nervous. While it was a small casual wedding and ceremony, it was still my first, and I didn’t want to screw up the pictures in any way.

It was a simple idea, use the Muir Beach overlook to have a beautiful, free and simple wedding. Nothing fancy, but fancy is not a requirement I quickly learned. Together in front of their family and friends, Tristan and Aubyn, made a solemn and tearful oath to love, honor, and cherish. In that moment it seemed like their love extended far beyond the view the cliffs could provide.

I want to thank you Tristan and Aubyn, not only for letting me feel at ease behind my camera, but for welcoming me into such a private and heartfelt moment with you, your family and friends.

I took so many pictures, and I am happy with the end results. While I would love to post them all, I would rather not throw my new iMac out the window just yet.

But you can have a look at them at their personal gallery.


  1. jingwen45 said:

    Beautiful photos. Great job!

  2. Evelia said:

    Stellar photos Señor Gabriel! They are such a lovely couple!

    they may or may not have used it, but the photos seem like they would fit in an e-harmony commercial

  3. Mom said:

    Double WoW Son!

  4. Gabriel! Your photos are beautiful, man. Thank you so much for shooting our wedding; we are both very grateful. If you ever need us to provide a testimonial regarding your professionalism, friendly demeanour and beautiful photographs, please let me know. I am so glad you were there; we’ll have these moments forever! Thank you.

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