Our Festivus Tree Is Up!

Last night we finally decorated the Christmas tree that I bought a couple of days ago. By we, I mean the girls decorated the tree. I sat on the couch and made hot chocolate. By make I mean boil hot water and put a hot chocolate pack in. Mar calls it the Chrismakuh tree because she loves holocaust movies (this is a joke, but not really). Since we are poor, we bought all the ornaments at various cheap places, including Daiso, the best Japanese store in the history of my life. My favorite part of the tree is the fact that we used aluminum kitchen scrubbers as decoration (they are cheap). Also, it is a Blue theme since blue is the official color of 2010. Yes, you are welcome for that vital piece of information concerning the new year. Enjoy the pictures.
Next. Christmas cookies!!!!!
(Oh god I need a gym membership)








1 comment
  1. Evelia said:

    but where’s the picture of the final product??? i want to see how all the parts came together

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