Senior Portrait Shoot – Anais

UGH. I haven’t had a cold this bad in a while. My own coughing woke me up this morning. I am also breaking out like crazy, probably due to all the greasy food I have been eating. Arizona is trying to destroy me. So why did I delay my flight back to San Francisco? Because I am stupid, that’s why.

Anyway, since I am up eve before my sister gets ready for school, I figured I should treat you to some nice photos. These are from a senior portrait photoshoot I had with one of Cynthia’s friends. It turned out to be a lot of fun and according to Cynthia she is super happy with the results, as was her mother. The shoot in itself was a lot of fun. She came over early with many outfit options and we pretty much winged all the locations. She was a natural model, but I did have Cynthia there with me to make her more comfortable.

Definitely lots of fun and now she won’t have those boring senior portraits they take at the schools with those awkward poses and bookshelves. He he.

Senior Portrait - Anais

Jump For Joy

  1. Mom said:

    Your awesomeness is beyond words!

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