Scattergories and Wine Equals a Good Time

While playing Scattergories last night, we had to come up with words starting with the letter A. One of the lines had “things people gossip about”. So around the table we had things like arrests, AIDS, accidents, etc. What did my sister come up with? “AY LA BITCH.” Hilarious. And for the letter P and the category of things underground. What did she say? Poor People.

Definitely a good time.

The weather has been crazy here in Arizona this last couple of days. It is getting really cold and lots of rain has been coming down.

Time for some Gym then lazy time. Maybe I’ll finally watch the episodes of Border Wars online (only two available episodes, and episode 5 features Nogales. You can even see Evy’s store! Score.) Its really sad how the drugs and violence have gotten out of hand here in Nogales. At dinner last night, we were all talking about how everyone now knows at least someone that has been affected by the violence and drug smugglers. Yup, thats my hometown! Anyway, apparently Nogales has been featured a lot in the episodes, my Mom has even been involved with one of the teams in a way.

How depressing. But to my friends who would like to know what my hometown looks like. Episode 5, around 30 minutes in. Check it out.

Here is an outtake from a photoshoot for Senior Pictures I had yesterday for positive vibes.

An Outake That I Love

1 comment
  1. Mar said:

    This is AWESOME! … AND the shoes I LOVE!!! Can’t wait to see the whole thing!!!

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