In The Kitchen – Calabasitas

Like A Little Girl, I Have Dolls


I actually cooked something and we were all able to eat it (without gagging). Calabasitas, which is quite possibly my favorite side dish of all time, especially when you melt the cheese on top. It is Boomtown, as the lovely Kendra would say. I got the recipe from Evelia Childs herself. It was delicious, although there were some changes and spices here and there that should be added. With my Tostadas and now this I can make one complete Mexican meal! Next goal? To conquer the world.

  1. Evelia said:

    i forgot how colorful the katrina dolls were… i ruv them…

    your calabacitas look ru-rishus…mmm
    i applaud the corn and additional spices
    Viva Gabriel!

  2. Kendra said:

    Hey Gabe, it’s lunch time and I’m HUNGRY! Where is my to go baggy of Calabasitas!?!?!?! They look so BOOMTOWN, my mouth is watering.

  3. eveqc said:

    Looks yummy!!!

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