Clean Air Challenge 2010

Katherine Likes Beer

So Katherine is getting on a bike and riding 120 miles to some forsaken place in Alaska. The awesome thing is that if she survives, the bike ride, freezing to death and polar bears chasing her the proceeds go to the American Lung Association.

So I suggest you click HERE to support her.

Even a dollar helps. I am serious. Do it. Do it. NOW.

“The Clean air Challenge is a fund raising bicycle ride leaving Houston, Alaska on May 8th, 2010. These heroic trekkers, with your financial support, will ride 60 miles to Talkeetna, Alaska or stay the night to return to Houston on May 9th 2010 to complete the full 120 mile trek. Your generous support helps in the American Lung Association in Alaska’s fight for air.”

  1. jingwen said:

    Wow… Go Katherine!

  2. Nellie said:

    Yay! can’t wait to meet you Katherine! See you in May…thanks for the wonderful support.

  3. katherine said:

    I think it’s great that the the proceeds go to the American Lung Association. I think you need to do your homework on Alaska before you make comments about polar bears chasing you and freezing to death in may. It is 40 degrees now in March. I think you will survive Alaska!!!!!

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