Congrats to Katherine and Greg!!!

Katherine and Greg are engaged. I repeat. Katherine and Greg are engaged!!!!!!!! These two are incredible. Why? Mostly because I traveled with them throughout most of Southeast Asia and we didn’t kill each other. More proof that I am blessed with amazing friends.

There is probably no man in the universe that is nicer than Greg.


Katherine and I have known each other since freshman year of college and the memories I have with that girl would take up an entire book. So could the quotes and the amount of fun we made fun of each other.  We grew so close over time that I would actually go visit her in ALASKA. I am so happy for her.

Best Day Ever!!

And because I am so close to these two, I am allowed to post pictures like the following:



(FYI…I was with Niamh when we both got the news and we took a “this is how excited we are” picture, but I think that picture deserves its own post in the future)

  1. Tfaith said:

    Hell yeah! Congrats! You two are gonna have the whitest kids ever. Translucent even. Living, breathing internal anatomy models. cool.

  2. Brian said:

    Ugh. Now nobody is going to care about my haircut. This was supposed to be MY day… So. Rude.

    Anywhooo… Congratulation on no longer living in sin!

    I can’t wait to see everybody in a couple days so I can say it in person…. and judge the ring. WHOO!! Congrats!

  3. jingwen said:


  4. Cynthia said:

    pues if theyre getting married in Alaska yo quiero ir.

    Just throwing it out there. kay?

    And Congrats 🙂 i love people who are in Love<3

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