San Francisco : Chinese New Year Parade 2010





There is a reason they call it the biggest Chinese New Year celebration outside of Asia. It was insanely big. The one in Seattle no where near compares to the size of this one in San Francisco. The parade was so long that Mar and I didn’t even have the energy to stay and finish it all. When I got home, it was weird not having a firecracker blowing up in front of me every five seconds. I really wish I had more time to edit more pictures from the parade, but the above will have to do.

  1. Desiree said:

    San Francisco is so photogenic. Love all the colors!

  2. jingwen said:

    Justin is going to be sad that he went all the way to China to try and see that. Only to realize that he could have just gone to San Fran. 🙂

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