Lake Tahoe and Debutantes

312/365 Lake Tahoe Carthweel

After what seemed forever on the road we finally arrived in Tahoe. I looked around, turned to Niamh and managed to say..

“Is this Hell?”

Sorry I haven’t updated in such a long time. I will catch up on everything I promise. With the recent liver destroying trip that was Tahoe and the surprise visit to Arizona for my sister’s debutante ball there hasn’t really been much time to do any blog updates. Also, the cabin in Tahoe had DIAL UP internet. What kind of soul crushing bull&$(% is that?

Now that I am home in Arizona for a couple of days I will hopefully have lots of downtime to edit and catch up.

Also, my sister looked AMAZING on the night of her cotillion. She said that I made her day when I surprised her. Which, in turn, made my day. It was an incredible night shared with family and very good friends. Pictures of that will be up soon.

1 comment
  1. Ramon Verdugo, Nogales, Az. said:

    This rocks!!!
    AWESOMe, simplemente AWESOME. Beautiful, precious, not anymore little girl but always your little girl for you. I know now you can understand me…She is very gracious. The place is like heaven, as you use to do all your things. Congrats. Keep being MY MAN that makes everything big. You’r a very happy man, making possible DREAMS come true, because all that is really like a dream.
    The only thing I didn’t like was when you said:”Greg is the best man in the whole world” WHAT ABOUT ME? your buddy. Ramon.
    Lovely Cinthya:I luv u.!

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