Nogales Debutante Cotillion 2010 – Cynthia Renee

Radiant Debutante

“Every parent wishes for their little girl to grow up and be smart, healthy and beautiful. I can tell you all right now, that your wishes have come true.”

The Debutante Cotillion is a big deal in this small town of ours. While it may not be as big or as fancy as those in big cities, it is a great honor to be one of the girls selected to come out as a debutante. It starts as soon as your freshman year of high school, when you are chosen as a junior hostess and ends your senior year. Everything seems special about the event, from the rehearsals, the preparation, the presentation and the waltz with their father and escorts.

The video below will give you a little glimpse on this years event. The video, of course, focuses on my sister, but you will see cameos from Angela, Anais (whose senior portraits I did), Karina (Briana’s sister). Evy, Briana, Dalina and Mike also come out. It was awesome to be there with them, since we ourselves were part of the Cotillion 8 years ago.

God, I am old.

My sister radiated beauty. But every girl there took my breath away. I will hopefully have time to edit all the pictures I took sometime this week or next. Patience is a virtuuuuueeeeee. Favorite part of the video? Two minutes and four seconds in. Also, you can see a video of the actual waltz here

  1. Dalis said:

    Two minute and fifty second mark is the best. “Hotel, motel Holiday Inn….” Can’t believe he called my bluff to dance to that song.

  2. Yeya said:


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