Usual Weekend Shenanigans At Dolores Park

The weather this past weekend in San Francisco was absolutely perfect. My friends CT and Daniel were hanging out at the park and I decided to join them for a couple of hours. The amount of people was ridiculous and my only regret was not taking a beer, or six, to enjoy while I sat in the glorious sun.

Daniel brought his Pug, Fergie. Fergie is a while albino pug. The amount of attention a white albino pug will bring is RIDICULOUS.


This guy was walking around selling chocolates from these kettle looking things. The chocolates had a “special” ingredient in them. The stuff that people can get away with at Dolores Park always amazes me.

This guy then rode through the park blasting Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” on his huge speakers. The whole park sang along, including the huge Mexican family having a birthday party for a little girl next to us. Awesome.

1 comment
  1. Ikah said:

    Wow. These are great, vibrant shots. I can’t stop looking at the first picture. Very Cool.

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