Another Sunday Funday at Dolores Park

It was one of those days when you wake up and are thankful that you don’t live anywhere else, at least for that day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Sunday and after Mar came back from running 3 gajillion miles at some marathon, we headed down to Dolores Park to meet up with friends.

You have to go to Dolores prepared of course.

Christine here is laughing at the fact that she could probably beat me up. Cross Fit works guys.

Tolu was visiting from NYC and kept saying that she was “so California now.” She was in awe that the was hanging out a park and palm trees were all around us.


Mar took a little nap. I guess running a half marathon makes you pretty tired. Crazy girl. I ran that morning too! To the restroom.

Bartender Joe soon joined in on the sun and drinks.

It was hard not to lay down and just take a nap. Its also hard when Christine fills up your glass with Vodka.

The Mexican guys going around selling stuff in the park make BANK.

Hanging Out With Dolores
Then later that day I went out with my friend to the bars and I don’t remember how I got home or what I did.

  1. Great colors!
    And the pictures on your official site are just amazing.

  2. Christine said:

    i looooooove sunday funday!
    more vodka next time.

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