When VISAS Go Wrong

Cynthia: Nice bright sunny smile excited for the life changing opportunities ahead.
Gabriel: Crackhead.

Dear cute little chinese woman that took this,

Why do you hate me?

  1. Dmitry said:

    Wow iam surprised they let her smile.

    Here any form of ID they tell you NOT to smile or the picture will get rejected.

    And I’ve had ID pics way worse then that.

  2. Gabriel said:

    Actually it surprised me too. I thought smiles weren’t allowed, but she even has a huge smile on her actual passport photo. Maybe the rules have changed.

  3. Evan Kory said:

    HAHA, that’s how we looked after our dumpling outing. ps- it’s a secret though, never happened. also, remember when we were harassing people on the street?! 🙂

  4. Dalis said:

    omg. This is EXACTLY how I pictured it.

  5. Omid said:

    somebody looks like they will be “randomly” selected more often…welcome to my world ahaha

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