Ellen’s Scare Montage

This made me laugh to no end. Mostly because I kinda used to LOVE doing this type of stuff. Omid, after living with me for so many years, knows all too well. So does Evy.
It isn’t my fault though. It is because I grew up with a father that loved doing this as well. Seriously, from the ages of 8 to 14 I lived everyday in constant fear.

Anyway. Enjoy. I should watch this show more.

  1. andrea said:

    Hands down, the best one was Richard Simmons.

    Happy birthday!

  2. Dalis said:

    Oh my god. I remember your dad scaring us SO many times when we all lived in Kino Springs. Didn’t someone slip after a water gun war when he popped out of a closet or pantry? Good times.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Omid said:

    I remember the very few times i would be washing the dishes, and next thing i knew, freaking ninja gabe was like 3 cm away from my ear. soooo scury.

  4. Peppa said:

    Ummm… does nobody find it creepy that they have hidden cameras in the bathroom?
    Me either.

    Anywhooo… Taylor Swift. Fetal position. Bathroom floor. Enough said.

    SALT! Happy Birthday.

  5. evelia said:

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    Ditto on/for Richard Simmons. Best ever.
    (i never learned how to use prepositions correctly)

    pinchi spider…

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