NYC : Chinatown : Joe’s Shanghai

What’s the best place to go to after getting drunk at a free happy hour with an open bar and free food? Joe’s Shanghai for dumplings of course!!! After a happy hour with a bunch of MSM students getting their PHDs in Piano in the Upper West Side, we decided that taking the subway all the way down to Chinatown was in our best interests.


I am not going to lie, these were ALMOST as good as the ones that I had when I was actually IN Shanghai. I would tell you how many dumplings we ate throughout the night, but I don’t want you to know how fat we actually are.

Our face says it all doesn’t it?


I am pretty sure we started scaring the staff a bit with our antics.

Lasagna face!!!!!!!!!! (inside joke that is beyond understandable epicness). Probably my favorite picture of the trip, and one that made us laugh till the point of tears.

After we were done we started to walk Chinatown at night, while I did cartwheels. Realizing only after that I probably got all sorts of new diseases and virus from touching the streets with my hands.

I was exhausted and full, but Justin was in town! Never to pass up a drinking opportunity we met up to have a couple of beers. Well that couple turned into more than a couple. Then it became Cinco De Mayo while we were drinking and we may or may not have put tequila down our throats.

The next morning was not pretty.

I love NYC and I love Joe’s Shanghai.

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  1. Katie said:

    Cartwheels in Chinatown? Props for that.

    Joe Shanghai’s xiao long bao is not bad, but if you want something that’s even closer to the real thing, head to Flushing. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Besides, who doesn’t love a day trip out to Queens for good food?

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