Upcoming Graduations

Two big graduations coming up. First of all, my Aunt Maribel is graduating with a Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology. She has worked so hard and is totally deserving of the awesome new job that she was just offered. One day I hope to have my own Master’s degree and combined with my friends that already have one or want to get one, we will rule the world.

Also, my little sister is graduating from high school (as you can tell from the announcement above). I go back down to Arizona for this one and I am so extremely excited that I do cartwheels when I think about it. This makes me feel extremely old since it reminds me that I graduated almost eight years ago.

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  1. melissa said:

    This blog is wonderful.
    I love love LOVE the press, and I love seeing what you’re experiencing!
    Great work.
    I will bookmark this page.
    Thanks for this.

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