Born To Help Others : Congratulations Maribel!

My last post was my favorite picture I took that day that Mar graduated from Grad school, but I know I had to post the rest. The ceremony itself was small, but lasted longer than I had initially believed. The student speakers were fantastic as was a special guest speaker who talked about how Speech Pathology changed her family for the better. As soon as Grandma saw a picture of her daughter up on the screen before the ceremony began, the waterworks began. I am not surprised though, a Master’s degree is a first in the family and here is hoping that many more of us will follow in the future. Mar, you ROCK! Congratulations!

  1. Omid said:

    Mar your awesome. now you can officially help people like me haha. cant smell smart without mar hahah jk thats stupid. but for real ur smart and HOT

  2. Maribel said:

    Awwww….I have no words… I feel honored to be mentioned in your blog! Thank you for all your love and support!

    And Omid… thanks for the compliment 😉

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