Costa Rica : Manuel Antonio

Before I start, some great zingers from Cynthia.

Cynthia: I got excited because I thought all these things had my initials C.R. on them, but then I realized it means Costa Rica.
Me: (smacks head)

(on four hour shuttle to Manuel Antonio)
Jake: Look at those insane clouds. Must be crazy rain.
Cynthia: Oh, I thought it was snowing.
(whole shuttle turns to face Cynthia)
Byron: You thought it was snowing? in Costa Rica?!
Krissie: Oh don’t mind Cynthia, she is one of those that talks before she thinks, but we still love her!

La Fortuna was definitely a place that surprised us, but I quickly realized that we couldn’t come to Costa Rica without visiting at least ONE beach town. I considered a lot of the popular choices, such as Jaco or Playa Hermosa, but the Hostel manager recommended I check out Manuel Antonio and I am definitely glad I took his advice.

Turns out the people we hung out with the most in La Fortuna had also decided to join us on our trip to the National Park and beach. Kristina, Jake, Jeff, Byron and second Jeff. We also ran into Elena and Nate, another two that had left La Fortuna a couple days earlier. One thing about backpacking is that you meet people that you would never have the opportunity to meet in other circumstances. So you create a bond with these people that is hard to explain. Each and every person had a story, an open heart & adventurous soul that fostered and make the experience so much more fulfilling.

Our hostel, Vista Serena, had one of the most amazing views of the beach and jungle.

Yes the pictures above me show me being a badass on a hammock trying to make you jealous of my life. And the second pictures shows me falling out of said hammock.

The first night in Manuel Antonio we quickly were reminded of the fact that we were in a rainforest. It rained; A lot. All night and early on the next morning. Luckily we were too lazy to wake up and go to the park that early so it worked in our favor.

We quickly made new friends.

No wonder movies are filmed here.

Im sure you people that have been to Costa Rica know that it is hucking fot and humid.

In case you get lost in the Jungle. Im sure Indiana Jones used these all the time….

Kick ass picture my sister snapped of me.

Duh…because I have to now.

  1. jingwen said:

    Indiana Jones… Justin will be jealous.

  2. angela said:

    so i just got my internet backk!! YAYYY now i cann see wat you guys are up 2 =) .. omg jajaja i love reading cindys blond moments jaja ” I got excited because I thought all these things had my initials C.R. on them, but then I realized it means Costa Rica” .. jajaj just made me miss her =( .. but anyways hope you guys are having a BLAST !! ill now be keeping in touch! TAKE CAREE!

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