Costa Rica : Pura Vida!

If you are going to die from volcanic eruptions, then you might as well die happy right?

It is just the way it is. When you backpack through a country, you meet some amazing new friends. By the way, Imperial beer can get old really really quickly.

When Cynthia screams, Monkeys hide in fear. No joke.

Our hostel in La Fortuna was one of the best that I have ever stayed it. Arenal Backpackers. I couldn’t recommend it more since I could have stayed there the whole week I was in Costa Rica.

I pretended I was going to hitch a ride to the beach, but it backfired when two cars pulled over thinking I was being serious. Whoops.

Our second hostel had an AMAZING view. I will post pictures of that later, but it also had its own kitchen and living room. It was pretty sweet. Cynthia and I cooked the first night and the second night we had around six people over (fellow travelers) for a huge dinner and wine. It was fantastic.

Not as good as home, but it will do.

Public bus riding.

Cynthia’s first taste of dorm living. It was so incredibly hot during the day, but at night the air conditioner would make the hoste FRIGID. Its a wonder none of us got sick.



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