My sister says she gets chills watching some Taylor Swift video.

Well this is what gives ME chills.

I love her and her music. Don’t judge.

Miami was fun…now…..Disneyland!!!!! (with the whole family)

I’m going to stop wondering if the whole hostel heard me laugh till I cried and just post this for you guys.

“Hey honey! How’s it going? What are you doing? Who are you with? Where are you? Are you doing something cool? I wanna know what your doing and who you’re talking to and I wanna know everything that you’re doing and I don’t want you to act like I’m being annoying, I just´╗┐ want you to answer all of my questions.”

So. True. Also, I will be using “Besties with Testies” from now on until I die.

You should also watch the Girls Will Be Boys after you are done with this one.

Not going to lie. I am a fan of the World Cup.
And a fan of this Shakira song as well. Me Likey.
Don’t judge.

And for those type of people that want to learn the dance, and like to dance when the song comes on (cough Evy cough), they even included an instructional video on the dance.
How nice of them.

This is the absolute most amazing commercial I have seen in a while. Seriously, watch the whole thing. I think I yelled in triumph when I saw the whole Youtube segment and the appearance from Homer. Even Gael Garcia Bernal makes a freaking appearance! Good job Nike. Good freaking job.

The World Cup is going to be exciting.

Sorry all other sports. Nothing compares.