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Here we go. Once again we have another year zooming by, but unlike other years, when I look back at this one I think “HOLY F*CKING SH*T!!!!” To me, it seems like so many people around me are more than ready to say goodbye to the year 2009. I can truly honestly say that I don’t share that sentiment in the slightest. It is hard to explain why without making me sound like I am boasting, but I am going to do it anyway.

This time.
I’ll have no fear.
I’ll be standing strong and tall.

I rang the New Year with some great friends
Another Group Pic

I backpacked Southeast Asia

Lighthouse orphanage - Group Pic
I still can’t believe the awesomeness that was this trip. I started the trip with two amazing friends and ended up with even more wonderful friends. From the 14 hours bus rides, the two day boat journey down the Mekong, the sickness, the craziness that is Bangkok, floating the Viang Vieng river, crashing a motorcycle in Laos, eating amazing food in Vietnam, meeting the most wonderful people in Cambodia, exploring the ruins of Angkor Wat and relaxing on the beautiful islands of Thailand. So. Incredibly. Amazing.

I spent a month in Africa
1 - Table Mountain Victory
Spending time with one of my best friends Tfaith, meeting and becoming secret lovers with his future wife, conquering Table Mountain, camping the Garden Route with a backpack and a blanket, conquering pickpockets and scary alleyways, introducing South Africa to power hour and having my life changed in a small township outside Cape Town. Africa…..there are no words to how incredible it was.

I surprised my best friend in NYC for her birthday

I raced for the cure

I saw Britney Spears with future awesome doctors
Big Bang

This time.
I’ll be sailing.
No more bailing boats for me.
Ill be out here on the sea.
Just my confidence and me.

I saw my oldest friend accomplish awesomeness

I did an epic road trip with the most amazing person – Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, San Antonio, Hell, Tucson.
Colorful Doors Lead to A Colorful History

I spent the most amazing summer EVER in Seattle

I moved to San Francisco
[119-365] Just Another Manic Monday

I went to Puerto Vallarta for the most epic Bachelor Party of All Time (seriously) with the coolest guys of ALL TIME


Did some wine touring

I had my first professional shoot
Blog 1

I saw two of my best and closest friends marry each other

My mind is blown away by this year. Exploring San Francisco, visiting Omid in Houston, Jordan’s Bachelor Party in Phoenix, seeing my sister dance, Halloween in the Castro, Stanford games with Niamh, Fourth of July in Seattle, San Antonio Debauchery, Atlanta Debauchery, New York Debauchery, Jumbo Margaritas with Brian, conquering the world with Deborah, crazy adventures with Micah, seeing my sister dance. I know I am forgetting so much, but that is good because there was just THAT much that happened in 2009. Thank GOD for picture sets to remind me forever.

e la vita la vita si fa grande così…….e comincia domani

It was the year I decided to follow my dreams, and most importantly I did it finally being myself.

I guess I am scared to ring in the New Year because it is going to be really hard trying to top this last one. But you know, its going to be one hell of a fun time trying.


…and if the world decides to catch up with me, it’s a little victory. – Matt Nathanson


Cape Town is one of the most incredible cities I have ever been too. It is no wonder that people call it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It definitely lives up to that reputation. If you were to get stabbed or robbed in Cape Town, at the very least, you would be surrounded by some beautiful scenery. The buildings? Gorgeous. The people? Gorgeous. The beaches? OMFG Cold & Gorgeous. The Alcohol prices? Gorgeous. I feel blessed to have spent so much time here. Yet those weeks seemed to pass by so quickly. From avoiding dangerous alleyways we called “Diagon Alley”, watching my friend complete a vicious cycle race, introducing Capetonians to Power Hour, to barely surviving a treacherous trek up Table Mountain, Cape Town was and will forever be memorable.


More pictures after the jump.

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I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.
-William Ernest Henley

I remember the hoopla Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood created when they were filming in South Africa.
I remember getting locked into my internet cafe because they were shutting the street down for a couple of scenes right behind Tfaith’s apartment complex.
I remember Tfaith racing WITH Matt Damon in the Argus Cycle Tour.

I also remember visiting Robben Island and thinking, what the hell is up with all the rabbits?

A Robben Island Peninsula Suavecito
I also remember how amazing South Africa was. How truly amazing the country is.
And how blessed I am to have been able to spend so much time there.


This post is LONG overdue, since it happened a couple of months ago, but that won’t make it any less special. After being in South Africa for a couple of weeks and making BFFs with Tfaith’s Cape Town posse, we both realized that none of them had ever played Power Hour before. As blasphemous as that was, we decided that we had to pick a special night to de-virginize them to the drinking game.


We picked the night of a BBQ. We were celebrating Zezia’s birthday that night and Tfaith figured it would be the perfect night to show Cape Town how to do Power Hour.

It. Was. So. Epic.


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