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I was definitely not a fan of the hot Arizona sun, but we worked some great shots that is for sure. More to come once I have time to edit. Which will most likely be when I have some downtime during my upcoming visit to Seattle.


My little sister has graduated from High School. What else can be said?

I am. So Old. BUT I didn’t cry. IN YOUR FACE EMOTION!

Anyway……super proud. And she knows it, so I am not going to go into a long paragraph on exactly how proud. Lets just say I almost cartwheeled toward her, but didn’t at the risk of murdering little children and old ladies in the field.

Also, glad the Gastelum family kept the huge banner tradition alive.

Another thing,  I am positive that the guys cried more than the girls this year. Weird. Click below for more pictures

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Angela is a girl that has been part of my life ever since she was born. It is crazy to think that 18 years have passed and she is now about to graduate from high school. Angela and my sister have been pretty much inseparable since childhood and now they will both be moving to the same city, in the same apartment, undergoing the adventure that is adulthood (even though, at eight years their senior, I still don’t consider myself an adult). Angela is athletic, tall, easy going and absolutely gorgeous. After seeing the pictures I took of my sister and a fellow friend, she asked me if I could do hers as well. The session took place literally a couple of hours after they had finished high school, forever. The light was perfect and after going through the hell that is our local Wal-Mart, it was great to relieve some stress and taking some fantastic pictures. Usually I take a couple of days to finish editing pictures, but considering I have nothing else to do at home and because I was having so much fun doing it, I finished editing her pictures in a couple of hours.

It was hard to choose favorites out of ALL the pictures we took, but here are definitely some of mine:

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